Now that you've made the leap and got yourself a beautiful handmade rug, let's talk about how you're going to take care of it and keep it looking beautiful for generations to come.

Daily Wear

Depending on where you place your rug, under a coffee table or in a high foot traffic area, you'll want to address these issues differently. If you have furniture resting on the rug, you'll want to occasionally rotate the rug to avoid making any lasting impressions in the rug itself, typically you'll do this once every six months.

Our handmade rugs are woven from wool and silk, natural fibers that get worn down as dirt accumulates at the base of the fiber. In the scenario where you'll be placing this rug in a high traffic area, you'll want to flip the rug over, exposing the knots in the rug, for a short time to give the fibers a short reprieve. Typically doing this for a few days every three to six months is ideal.


Spills should be cleaned immediately. Generally you'll want to use a hand towel, but paper towel works just as well. To avoid increasing the spill radius, you should not only press down on the spill from the top but from the bottom as well. So, grab two pieces of paper towel, place one under the area of the spill and one on top and firmly press down on to the floor allowing the paper towel to absorb all the liquid. You should do this several times until no dampness remains.


You shouldn't be afraid to run a vacuum over your rug, just be mindful to raise the vacuum bar to a higher setting, higher than the setting for wood floors, and then vacuuming from the center of the rug outward. You'll want to gently vacuum over the fringe to avoid loosening the knots. If you notice the fringe is getting caught in the vacuum you should abandon this practice all together and opt for either beating the dust out of the rug or using a broom. If you are uncomfortable vacuuming your rug, then the use of a broom is ideal. Similarly you can start from the center of the rug and broom outwards and repeat as many times as necessary.

Professional Care

Last but not least, you can always turn to professionals deep cleaning your rugs. We highly discourage steaming your rugs by yourself. Do not bleach the fringes of your rugs either, please let a professional handle cleaning your fringes if you are unsure how.

Good quality handmade rugs look great on both sides
A good quality hand made rug will look great on both sides.

Cuprah Best Practice

  1. Vacuum rug once every 1-2 weeks.
  2. Clean spills on both sides of rug immediately.
  3. Leave the fringes alone!
  4. Invite friends over to marvel at your rug :D
  5. Buy more rugs!